How Important is Detoxification Really?

Detoxification and Purification
Dr. Williamson

The necessity to facilitate detoxification and depuration is becoming more and more obvious as chronic disease continues to explode in this country.
Envision an empty bucket. Over top of that bucket is a leaky faucet. At the bottom of the bucket is a very small hole. The leaky faucet drips water into the bucket slowly over time filling the bucket with more and more water. The hole at the bottom of the bucket cannot keep up with the input from the faucet. In simple terms input exceeds output so the bucket continues to fill. Now think of the bucket as your body, the leaky faucet as chemicals going into your body, and the small hole represents chemical removal from the body. As the bucket continues to fill you begin to become ill due to the oxidative stress on your body, cells and DNA, which most likely will result in disease if not addressed. Undergoing detox and depuration helps to drill a larger hole in the bottom of that bucket allowing for the removal of more chemicals. The only way to decrease the leaky faucet, however; is to avoid chemical exposure as much as possible. Because our environment and our bodies are so polluted each generation starts off with a bucket that is more and more full hence the increased developmental problems faced by children in this country.

Solvents/ pesticides/herbicides/chlorinated compounds/ plasticizers: In Maricopa County our biggest environmental contaminants are solvents being produced in excess of 100,000+ lbs per year. These compounds are potent neurological hazards. The most common side effect is chronic headaches due to chronic neurological damage. Solvents along with bioaccumulative compounds (example: DDE, PCB’s, PBDE’s, Dioxins) our depurated through Infrared sauna and colonic hydrotherapy. The body has a very difficult time depurating DDE, PCB’s, etc and is best accomplished through sauna followed by colonic hydrotherapy. Sauna releases the chemicals into the blood from fat storage where the body has a chance to detoxify the substance. Colonic hydrotherapy very efficiently decreases enterohepatic recirculation thus preventing these chemicals from being reabsorbed and causing continuous biochemical damage and disease.

Heavy metals: In Maricopa County we are in the 90th to 100th percentile for cancer risk meaning our county is one of the most toxic counties in the United States. Our biggest cancer risk comes from Cadmium a potent xenobiotic shown to do irreparable harm to nearly all organ systems. Heavy metals are depurated through chelators including but not limited to DMPS, CaEDTA, and DMSA. Chelation is the only effective way to remove heavy metals due to the fact they are bioaccumulative and build up in the body with each exposure and have very long half lives.

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