Lab Results

Lab Results Office Policy

This laboratory policy is instated to preserve the relationship-oriented care in the treatment of our patients, thus
maintaining quality of care and communication with all patients.

Please read the following carefully:

 It is the W Clinic of Integrative Medicine’s office policy that all laboratory results are discussed in person with our patients. If this is not possible, minimally, it must be done during a scheduled phone consultation.

 Please do not call the office for results of lab work and/or imaging. Reports are not given over the
phone, unless the practitioner deems that the results are critical or urgent in nature.

 If you are getting lab work, please schedule your follow-up appointment at the time of your visit for
review of those lab results and subsequent treatment options. A copy of your lab report will be given
to you at your follow up appointment. All lab testing should be done in a timely manner so that your
results will be complete by the time of your next scheduled visit. Not having labs done on time can also prevent timely refills of medications.

 If your practitioner has reviewed your lab report and deems the results do not require a follow up
discussion, you will be contacted. At the time you may choose to cancel your scheduled follow up
appointment, request a copy of your lab report or keep your scheduled appointment.

 We do not release copies of lab results to any party until reviewed by the W Clinic of Integrative Medicine medical staff, and without written permission according to HIPAA guidelines. Please allow ample time for laboratories to report test results in full and for them to be reviewed by your medical practitioner. Normally the time it takes for lab results to arrive is up to 2 weeks.