Nutrient/Vitamin IV Therapy

Not Your Typical Cocktail: Myer’s Cocktail Nutrient IV Therapy

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find relief from migraine headaches, asthma attacks, fibromyalgia, fatigue/chronic fatigue, depression, respiratory infections, seasonal allergies, chronic viral infections?

Well you can.

It’s called a Myer’s Cocktail (aka Nutrient IV) and it is a specially formulated recipe of vitamins and minerals that are administered via IV directly to your bloodstream and straight to your cells where they are needed most.

Administering vitamins and minerals in this manner results in delivering extra high doses not achievable through oral routes and not subject to digestive and absorption problems in the gastrointestinal tract.

Myer’s cocktails have been shown to improve the above mentioned illnesses according to studies, as well as help with cardiovascular disease, hyperthyroidism, chronic hives, drug withdrawal, muscle spasms, and is a great adjunctive therapy for people battling cancer. It is also becoming popular among those who have undergone gastric bypass surgery and are suffering from severe nutritional deficiencies, as well as those who may have had a portion of their colon surgically removed.

It is a great way for those who have intestinal malabsorption issues due to food allergies, leaky gut syndrome, colitis, Crohn’s disease, or Celiac’s disease, to receive nutrients as their intestinal tracts can be impaired in absorbing them from foods.

Furthermore, many healthy people find them effective for enhancing athletic performance, improving general health and energy levels, maintaining adequate hydration, and for healthy aging as high levels of antioxidants and vitamins are delivered to the body via the IV.

Myer’s cocktails were named after an East Coast physician, John Myers, MD, who was the pioneer in IV vitamins and minerals and incorporated them in the treatment plans for numerous patients over the course of many years. Some of his patients received the IV twice a week to monthly, and in some cases some patients received them regularly over the course of 25 years. After Dr. Myer’s death in 1984, Dr. Alan Gaby, MD, continued to treat his patients using IV nutrients and coined the term, “Myer’s cocktail.” By 2002, it is estimated that 800-1,000 patients had received the Myer’s Cocktail from Dr. Gaby over an 11 year period.

The nutrient IV is typically administered over 30-45 minutes, however high dose vitamin C IVs take longer, 2 hours, as it must be administered slower. The IV itself is actually quite relaxing and many patients will read, take a nap, or surf the web on their laptop computer while receiving the treatment.


“At the beginnings of getting sick! Getting my nutrient IV to make me better! Thanks Dr Susan Williamson!”

Our physicians have extensive training in the use and administration of IV nutrient therapy and can mix each bag specifically with your health needs in mind.

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