Recovery from Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer: 

I was initially diagnosed with stage IIIa invasive lobular carcinoma, in short, advanced breast cancer. As expected, this diagnosis hit me and my family like a sledge-hammer. I had no risk factors for cancer.  I was a relatively young person (47).  I opted for a mastectomy.  I seriously considered and explored the offered “standard of care”; and interrogated the providers of this “standard of care.” After conducting my own in-depth research I declined chemo and radiation for a number of reasons – mostly because I wanted to both live and to enjoy a quality of life. See, http://boo-bee-trap.blogspot.com/.  If I had gone forward with the uber-aggressive protocol that was being pressed upon me by these traditional medical providers, I firmly believe that I would not be here now…3 years later.  Not only am I here, I have a quality of life that would have been the price tag of pursuing traditional medical protocol. So many of my fellow breast cancer sisters who did, have sacrificed their quality of life for the nebulous promise of a “cure.”

Two years later, I was restaged with stage IV metastatic breast cancer. The sledge-hammmer hit again. The medical team who diagnosed my progression gave me little to no hope. They were putting me on the short-list. I was on the “search” again.   My search for medical integrity and honesty was fulfilled when I found Dr. John Williamson and Dr. Susan Williamson. I have no doubt that they have saved my life. This is not hyperbole. Their combined knowledge, research acumen, and sincerity and commitment to their patients is undisputed. Through their alternative approaches, they have also fed my spirit during the process. Drs. John and Susan had a base of knowledge that is well informed. Even more importantly, if there was an issue or question that they had not confronted previously, they admitted that it could be an issue and thoroughly researched the problem – I have found this to be a rare quality in the medical field. After three months under Drs. John and Susan’s personalized care the metastatic tumors disappeared. Traditional medical oncologists were speechless. Drs. John and Susan designed a personal and effective program of care that has kept me cancer free and has never diminished my quality of life. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Indeed, it is a privilege to share these thoughts on their behalf.

~ Tamera Shanker (now 50+)


More Patient Testimonials:

“I’ve lost 30 pounds and kept it off during the holidays! Dr. Williamson identified thyroid, adrenal and hormonal issues that three other doctors did not. Rather than dismissing my symptoms, she listened, applied her knowledge and created a solution that has made me feel better than I have for at least 10 years! I’m looking forward to another round of HCG to hopefully lose at least another 30 pounds.” -Mary T

“So happy to see Dr. Susan Williamson with her own practice. She is great and always a pleasant experience at each visit. Her knowledge in her field is amazing and always makes you feel informed when you leave every visit. ”

“Dr. Williamson is very knowledgeable about all aspects of medicine and has given me hope. I am still undergoing treatment but feel I have found the place to get the help I need.” – Kimberly J.

“I have more energy already after the IV therapy & feel great following my colonic.” – Denice B.

“I feel like a new person!” – S.F. 

I feel much more destressed in general and also more in control of my health (mental, physical & emotional). You have a great team! You should be proud!” – Karla A.

“Much more energy and muscle and strength! I feel more alert! Ten years younger!”

“I have just turned 54 years old, and while that is young in so many ways…and I am a pretty energetic person, it was time to look at my health. Time to make proactive and preventative measures the course, not wait until I was treating signs of age and less than stellar lifestyle choices. I found that my blood pressure was up and my cholesterol was reeling at over 300. My postmenopausal hormone levels were in need of a tune up. And my weight was up a good 25 to 30 lbs more than I wanted. Make those changes now, I told myself!” -Hilary


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