Prescription Refills

Prescription Refill Requests Policy

To obtain a prescription refill, you must:

  1. Call your pharmacy first to ask for a refill request.
  2. The pharmacy will then fax us the refill request.

The pharmacy request is an integral part of this process to minimize prescribing and dosing errors.

Please do not wait till the last minute to request refills on prescriptions. We require a minimum of 72 hours to refill prescriptions and cannot guarantee refills will be granted in less time. Prescription refills will be considered by the medical staff for active patients only.

We refill prescriptions only during office hours. For your convenience, we will either give you prescriptions at the time of your visit, fax prescriptions, or e-prescribe prescriptions to your pharmacy of choice.

Patients are required to see healthcare providers on a regular basis in order to qualify for medication refills. Patients who are unable to keep scheduled appointments/keep current with laboratory testing/and/or have not been monitored for a certain period of time depending on the particular health condition(s) may result in denial of a refill for a medication. We will communicate with you regarding any reasons for denial or the need for a follow-up visit prior to refill.

Controlled substances will not be refilled over the phone or through the pharmacy and cannot be picked up at the front window.Keep in mind that controlled substances require signed prescriptions by law, and cannot be refilled without a patient encounter/office visit. This includes Testosterone prescriptions.