To Vaccinate Against the Flu or Not To?

“To Vaccinate Against the Flu or Not To”
By: Dr. Williamson
It’s that dreaded time of the season again. That which we fear has returned again to claim all those who are susceptible. We hear the media’s view whose sole purpose is to transcend fear into the hearts of all individuals. We hear our doctor’s telling us that it is unwise to forego such a simple procedure. But what is the truth? Is the flu vaccine as safe and effective as our society has deemed, or is it a mere action mediated by propaganda and fear?

There are over 200 different strains of the flu virus. When we become vaccinated the most strains that we could hope to become immune against are 3. That calculates out to less than 2% of all the strains out there. The truth is that the strain that the medical community decides upon is determined up to a year in advance. In fact, it takes at least 6 months (which is done through inoculation of chicken eggs) to grow sufficient quantities of influenza (the flu) vaccine. It is essentially a hypothesis of what strain will be the most prevalent in the forthcoming season based on worldwide surveillance. One may bring up the Influenza pandemic of 1918 aka “The Spanish Flu” which claimed the lives of roughly 600,000 Americans as the defining reason to vaccinate. The flu virus rapidly mutated prior to becoming lethal. So in today’s society if one were to become vaccinated against a strain that was determined up to a year in advance the slightest mutation could make that vaccine absolutely ineffective. What I’m saying is that if the unfortunate Americans who lost their lives to influenza were being vaccinated against the flu in 1918 they still would have succumbed. That is the fact.
The standard influenza vaccine is administered through a shot into the muscle. One must ask themself when exposed to a pathogen what is the primary route of exposure. The answer is through the naso-oropharynx aka as the nose and mouth. Our bodies have adapted to this exposure by forming a wall of protective lymphatic tissue throughout our nose, mouth, and gastrointestinal tracts. In essence our bodies have built a fortress against pathogens introduced from the outside world. Through our natural route of exposure our immune system is able to identify, screen, process, and form the appropriate actions against these foreign invaders. So why would anyone opt to bypass this route to be injected into the muscle which is a completely unnatural form of exposure. With this understanding it is not unreasonable to see how this vaccine is associated with neurological and muscle disorders that in many cases result in permanent disability.

The best way to fight infection is to have an optimal defense. Intravenous therapies coupled with high doses of Vitamin D3 is the most optimal way to restore your immune system and fight any present infection you may possess. Intravenous therapies are extremely effective because they deliver 100% absorption into the body. One can administer physiological doses of vitamin C, zinc, selenium, and any other nutrient without the problems associated with stomach or intestinal absorption. Vitamin D3 is required for normal immune function which is deficient in nearly 75% of the individuals our clinic has tested in Arizona. In closing the call is yours and the facts have been exposed. However, this physician will refrain from getting the yearly influenza vaccine for ineffectiveness and also due to the risk of permanent disability.


  1. Thank you for the information, I have been debated about getting a flu shot this year. Now I know I will refrain from such practice in the future.

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